Comprehensive Transmission Servicing And Repairs

A smooth ride is a comfortable ride, and an important part of that is your engine’s easy transmission from gear to gear. Your vehicle’s transmission is a complicated mix of hydraulics and computer programming. At South Gippsland Transmission Service, we have the equipment and expertise to diagnose and repair your car’s transmission. We offer servicing and repairs on all models of automatic transmission, and we stock all the parts necessary to get the job done.

Our team of qualified experts have been trained with all aspects of transmission repairs including torque converter replacement, oil leaks, electronic repairs and diagnostics, tail shaft repairs, universal joint replacement, differentials and all major internal repairs.

We recommend that all automatic transmissions are serviced regularly to ensure a trouble free and safe journey. For more information or to find out if your car’s transmission is due for a service, contact South Gippsland Transmission Services today.